Mar 1–5

Window Project in collaboration with Instigators and The Curated presents the second series from SACRED CREATURES: Beraqas (Anahata and Vishuddhas) by Uta Bekaia ✕ Denis Davydov at Art Dubai Digital 2023, booth X17.
  • HAREE AAG image
    Uta Bekaia ✕ Denis Davydov HAREE AAG
  • IGNIS COR image
    IGNIS COR image
    Uta Bekaia ✕ Denis Davydov IGNIS COR5 editions from 1.5 ETH
  • We present a unique collection

    The joint project SACRED CREATURES by the Georgian-American artist Uta Bekaia and the Uzbek multimedia artist Denis Davydov studies and gives new content and visual interpretations to avatars. The concept of Davydov and Bekaia’s drop is based on the idea that a person’s earliest avatar is a children’s toy. The project consists of two families, Anahata family and Vishuddhas family, and includes unique artworks as well as editions.

    Anahata family has 7 unique creatures and 1 creature with 10 editions. The members of this coven lost everything during the great transformation. To survive, they have learned to truly share.

    Vishuddhas family has 7 unique creatures and 1 creature with 10 editions. These creatures are blind, though they do have eyes. They have learned to materialize their thoughts, desires, and passion.
  • SHEI TIN image
    Uta Bekaia ✕ Denis Davydov SHEI TIN
  • ILUMINUS image
    Uta Bekaia ✕ Denis Davydov ILUMINUS
  • What's next? An exclusive drop on The Curated

    All waitlist participants are eligible for:
    • 20% discount on editions
    • 10% discount on the unique piece
    • Priority over other collectors
    Two waitlisted collectors who purchased artworks will be randomly selected to recieve a free ceramic sculpture or a watercolor sketch by Uta Bekaia.

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    The Curated is accepting applications for media coverage about the upcoming art drop SACRED CREATURES, Beraqas (Anahata and Vishuddhas) by Uta Bekaia ✕ Denis Davydov, in collaboration with Window Project and Instigators. This collection is exclusive to The Curated and will be released in two parts, the first at Art Dubai in March 2023 and the second online in April 2023.

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