#002 Dispossession — MOTHER/ship

By RIKKA | Caroline Ricca Lee

"#002 Dispossession" is the second chapter in {{{MOTHER/ship}}}: time capsule for future generations series, a video installation and crypto article that seeks to intertwine personal narrative, family memories, speculative design, and situated knowledge.

"Dispossession" presents an article structure, in which historical research and autoethnography as an anthropological methodology are mobilized to produce a critical analysis, focusing on issues such as migration, race, decoloniality, and identity. However, when the "main history" has already failed with so many that were obliterated by hegemonic paragraphs and vertical writing, what alternatives frameworks do we have to produce new social imaginaries to continue telling our stories? So, this piece is an exercise of how other structures could challenge how we produce knowledge by catalyzing our ability to dream.

Dimension: 1555x874px Duration: 3m54s@24fps Format: mp4/sound

Artwork by RIKKA in collab w/ fo7ons Music by charlie noir

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