storage rupture by MitsuRu

storage rupture

By MitsuRu

Her name is Berta.

She is the character of #014 in the Open Sea collection "Aegis:code". The motif of this character is based on a forget-me-not and the legends related to it.

Once upon a time, she committed the sin of forgetting the precious name God had given her.

As punishment, the angry God placed a curse on her that she would remember what she saw with her right eye completely and infinitely.

She calls the curse "the worst memory ability.

It gives her terrible headaches, shortens her life span, and sends her into the middle of hostile territory as a spy.

She has specialized powers for espionage.

She who lacks the means to attack.

Even so, she has a great skill that she can use only once in her life.

When the memories stored in her overflow, the memories of all living things within tens of thousands of km2 will disappear with her.

This is a shot of the moment when the skill was activated.