Golden Girl II by Aslan Ruby

Golden Girl II

By Aslan Ruby

This is a 1/1 artwork by Aslan Ruby. It comes with a physical interpretation for the first collector of this piece. If you would like the physical you must either reach out to me via twitter or email, or be clearly contactable. If I can't reach you and do not have contact from you within a 2 week bracket you forfeit the right to the physical.

The physical is an interpretation rather than a replica.

GOLDEN GIRL II: As she walked a forest bloomed. Her pride grew into tall trees of dark wood, her kindness unfurled in pink and red sprawling leaves, her compassion blanketed the world with a deep blue sky. Every year her children cut her wood, pulled down her leaves and made a fire that raged through the Forrest. Rain would fall from the compassionate sky until the hot earth was cooled and everything smelled damp. And from the smoking, smouldering ruins new shoots would appear like sunrise. Kindness would unfurl more vibrant than ever and strong trunks of pride would grow tall to the sky. Her Forest bloomed gregariously. Outrageously. Its confidence offending lesser beings.