Š Movie Poster by Justas Jelisejevas

Š Movie Poster

By Justas Jelisejevas

A movie poster I have created for a friend Julius Stakišaitis. He is an indie movie director whom I accidentally met in a bohemian bar in Vilnius 'Café De Paris'. There he told me about this short film he is working with. It is called 'Š', which translated from Lithuanian phraseologism would mean 'shit'. This film is about helplessness in the face of a troubled world.

He asked me if I could create a poster for his project and I immediately agreed, even though I haven't seen the movie yet. Still, his story about it was inspiring and exciting so I took up the task. Of course later I watched the movie and excitement only increasingly grew up!

In this poster you can see a melancholic figure watching at grey lifeless pigeons sitting on a blank wall. The whole story of the movie revolves around a person walking around the city where he experiences the absurdity of life.

Size: 3467x5096 px 300 dpi (Printing Quality) Format: PNG