The preview contains a 50-second fragment of a 6’40” video, access to the original file with a duration of 6’40” 30 fps with a resolution of 3840x1200 pixels is provided by the link when purchasing a token. For any questions regarding this work, you can contact the author [email protected]

The Dystopia trilogy is devoted to the ecology of consumption as well as to the phenomenon of excessive consumption and its impact on the urban structure of the megalopolis. The scene of each film has been made up from photogrammetric scans of various objects and forms a non-existent place. Nevertheless, in each film one can easily recognize the archetypal place that has already entered our cultural memory.

Dystopia # 3 presents the place of struggle between the expanding megapolis and the chaos of nature. In such places, as a rule, one can observe the ruins of "suburban" architecture; abandoned machinery; illegal dumps.

sound by Vasiliy Sumin