The Transaction by Mine Manap Turel

The Transaction

By Mine Manap Turel

I woke at 6am, early in the morning just to avoid the excruciatingly hot and humid day hours as I went to visit the famous Kyoto Kobo Market held at To-ji Temple.

As I walked around I was happy to see that the fun part of the market also begins with the early risers.

Here, the seller and the buyer are finally in agreement; she is happily shopping as she inquires about the curio and antiques.

This time I constructed my own veil behind the store. The weather was extremely hot. People are dressed in baggy dresses and sundresses that allow air circulation, and the ubiquitous towel around the neck.

This is a public moment but also isolated, visible within the frames created by the stall owners and their impeccable composition display skills.