Seasonal Sushi Rail

By Trang Dang

The imagery of the women and flowers are set in an unexpected context - a scene at a Japanese conveyer belt sushi restaurant. I wanted to explore how subjectification converts into objectification when your subject of importance is misplaced in another context. Instead of appreciating the beauty of each subject, we unknowingly degrade these subjects to mere objects of consumerism. The setting of the sushi restaurant highlights the idea how we, the citizens of the first world countries, have reached the peak of consumerism, where beauty and sex parade in front of us in the form of endless choices at the distance of an arm stretch. The consumer habit is mindless and quick, similarly to how 'express' this eating experience is.

Sushi Rail (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) Digital Animation | 2020 Part of Seasonal Flavours 1 of 1 edition

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