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By SimaEnaga

【伊邪那岐命 / Izanagi-no-Mikoto】 He is the father of many Japanese gods and the husband of “Izanami”. He created the Japanese archipelago by stirring the sea with a sword. His wife Izanami gave birth to “Kagutsuchi”, the god of fire, but she died from severe burns. After Izanagi killed Kagutsuchi, he went to pick up Izanami in the “Yomi no Kuni (the world of the dead)”. In the Yomi, He saw the decomposing body of Izanami. Izanagi couldn't bear to see her, and he left her in the Yomi and divorced.

【Meaning】 “伊邪那/izana” means “Induction” or “charity”, but there are various opinions. “岐/gi” is an old expression, meaning “male”. “命/mikoto” is a word that after the name of a god or a noble.

【Concept】 The expression of water means that Izanagi created the Japanese archipelago by stirring the sea. As an image of the ancestor who gave birth to many gods, the hair and eyes were made white or colorless and transparent.

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