Heart of the Maze by jakkvega

Heart of the Maze

By jakkvega

"The cave you fear holds the treasure you seek."

In heroic tales, we often see the hero first, and Theseus is no exception to this rule; the unifying founder of Athens and his legendary defeat of the beastly, infamous Minotaur.

Well-known across the millennia, the Minotaur reappears as a foe and threat; a creature forged from the spite and vengeance of the Greek pantheon.

In my reading, I interpret the Minotaur as living fear; and fear, like the Minotaur, hides in our very core. Lost in this labyrinth of fear, we easily lose our way.

In these moments, let us be reminded that there is a loving eye watching over us; sharing in our plight and our fight.

Their hand gives us strength across the ether; they are the golden thread that leads us out of darkness, and thus we are rarely champions alone.

Who then are the legends in our tale? This piece challenges us to consider every perspective.

🤞Jakk Vega 👁 JV3

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