Journey of Love by jakkvega

Journey of Love

By jakkvega

"Love is the sacrifice you make for another."

Stories are so often meant to teach us lessons, and the story of Chang'e, the well-known Moon Goddess, is no exception.

Whether you follow the escape or banishment side of the coin, her story is about the choices we make and the consequences we must live with.

Do we chase our dreams as an act of self love; or do we sacrifice ourselves out of love for another?

So many things cannot be undone and in those crucial moments, we hope that luck is on our side like a faithful rabbit companion.

Despite her fate, the Moon Goddess gives her blessing of beauty and prosperity for those who worship her as her husband Hou Yi once did.

May she guide you and bless you, wherever your choices may take you.

🤞Jakk Vega 👁 JV3