Ready for Anything by jakkvega

Ready for Anything

By jakkvega

"Every moment is an instance of beauty waiting to happen."

Mermaids are among the oldest legends of our stories, fun, mischievous, troublemakers, and by all accounts are probably really manatees.

Not to be mistaken by the bird-like Sirens of Homer's Odyssey, stories of mermaids circle the globe across cultures and time.

This work is inspired by my many trips to the ocean, watching western sandpipers running back and forth with the tide, and that one time I was awestruck by a blazing green meteor on a late night walk along the shore.

For me, it is a reminder to take it easy and be unbothered by all the noise and stress of the daily grind.

Take a moment to feel the breeze, watch the birds, and simply exist as the beautiful thing that universe made you to be.

🤞Jakk Vega 👁 JV3

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