Yeen's Garden by Rick Vito

Yeen's Garden

By Rick Vito

"If you can make a beautiful tree grow in your back yard, you can certainly make something beautiful grow inside yourself."

A gentle and timely breeze made sure his words were applauded by the rustling of a million leaves.

"Figuratively speaking!" he chuckled.

He shared his thoughts effortlessly, without hesitation, as if he had known me for years. I had a sense this is how he connects with everyone he meets; Not out of desperation or loneliness, but out of love for the humans he gets to share the experience with.

He pointed to a bush that looked like it was growing plump and purple tomatoes: "I might be old, but I'm still trying to grow just as much as they are."

"Do you prefer sun or shade?" I asked, stupidly unprepared for a serious answer.

His lips curled into a somber smile. "Shade... and lots of rain."

Was he tending the garden, or was the garden tending him? I didn't ask.

Rick Vito, December 2021 Digital paint and StyleGan2-ADA Designed at 512² finished at 4096²

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