From a Distance by Rick Vito

From a Distance

By Rick Vito

There's something special about spotting an old friend from a distance: Before they notice you, you get a glimpse of what their life is like now - without you in it. They're just being themselves, without adjusting to your expectations, without putting on an act, without pretending everything is okay.

He truly looked happy, smiling in the sun, as if at peace and in love with life. I like to think I learned more about him in those few seconds than I would have if we stopped for a chat.

Nothing makes me more hopeful than seeing an old friend doing great.

It's a reminder that we don't have to be everywhere at once. We can take our time and things will sort themselves out.

It's a reminder that some things don't need our maintenance, and that when we maintain ourselves, it gives hope to others.

Rick Vito, January 2022 Digital paint and StyleGan2-ADA Designed at 512² finished at 4096²

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