The Dubai Fog by Rustam.visual

The Dubai Fog

By Rustam.visual

The Dubai Fog. Fog is a rare Event happens only few times a year and is Very hard to predict. This is very special image because I had to spent sleepless nights as there was always fog prediction but just got mist. One evening it was predicted again there will be fog but I almost gave up as last many days It was false alarm of Fog. I set my alarm at 1.30 am just to check if there is any chance of Fog and found out Dense mist with high Dew in the air. I left my home 2am Rushed toward Rooftop 79 story skyscrapper. as I reached it was just mist no fog in the city. I waited whole night hoping fog will roll in from the desert side where i could see some fog. I about to leave 30-40mins before the sunrise losing hope suddenly I saw fog started rolling in and it took less than 15 mins to cover whole area in fog and everything turned magical. Its true As They say Good Things comes to those who wait.

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