Helen of Troy: The Scars of Infidelity by Aeneas Middleton

Helen of Troy: The Scars of Infidelity

By Aeneas Middleton

My 'Helen of Troy' piece hits home for me, not only does it have a connection to my birth name Aeneas, and the Trojan War. Helen, thousands of years ago was said to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

Once Prince Paris seduced her and shipped her off to Troy. Most people believed that she never made it to Troy. Some believed she waited ten years in Egypt. The truth? Helen was with Paris the entire time in Troy. For Aeneas saw her himself. Blaming Helen for the reason the war began. Most don't know it was Aeneas' mother Aphrodite who promised Paris he would love Helen. Aeneas saw the scars on Helen's body himself. King Menelaus was abusive. For all this time, she's been kept hidden away under her golden cloak. Her neck, lips, and left eye were bruised.

In the end, Helen was whisked away back to Sparta. It was kept secret what she endured after the Trojan War. This is a depiction through the eyes of Prince Aeneas.