Windows to my worlds

By Ivona Tau

A transparent flutter of memories captured in analog. Coexisting in parallel ways.

Generative Adversarial Networks were used to imitate the memory-forming process and then to learn forgetting and blurring of the recollections. By taking pictures of the surrounding world and feeding them into neural networks, the artist explores how the meaning and individuality of the images are lost. The piece transforms personal memories of more than 2000 photographs into a generalized vision in 15 tiles that the viewer could relate to in unexpected ways.

Custom artist-trained AI model. AI-generated sound.

5120x3072 2022 Ivona Tau

Bio: Ivona Tau, PhD is a generative A.I. artist from Vilnius, Lithuania, who combines generative art, deep neural networks and personal memories embedded in photography. Her goal is to find and evoke emotions through artificially intelligent tools. Tau’s work has been exhibited widely, including The House of Fine Art, CAFA, Frieze LA, Art Week Shenzhen, Vellum LA, Bright Moments Berlin and Sotheby’s New York.