#001 Unspoken — MOTHER/ship

By RIKKA | Caroline Ricca Lee

"#001 Unspoken" is the first piece in "{{{MOTHER/ship}}}: time capsule for future generations" series, a video installation and crypto article that seeks to intertwine personal experience, family memories, and situated knowledge.

I aim to propose reflections on how we archive narratives by using speculative design fiction, as also seeking new ways of writing, imagining alternative frameworks or different user experiences in which the words can be corrupted and rewritten.

In this series, as the text completes itself, it becomes less readable each time. However, the more becomes illegible, the more produces another form of language with images. There is no lesser loss or greater gain. You lose as much as you win. The deeper we go, the less we understand. And perhaps this contradiction reveals a new form of archiving memories.

Dimension: 1555 x 874 px Duration: 2m27s @60 fps Format: .mp4 with sound

Artwork by RIKKA in collaboration with fo7ons. Sound Design by charlie noir.