By samj

“@Username” leads viewers to question what is truly the most authentic experience of one’sself when presented through the lens of digital media. Digital identity forks into two paths, to fully embrace one’s complete self or conceal it all away. Both options arguably result in previously unseen levels of authentic representation of an individual.

The digital 3D sculpture alongside the physical sculpture intends to further demonstrate this idea of forked identities. There is a specific moment in which the physical piece is no longer an exact representation of the digital piece, creating a parallel narrative to the alternate identities represented in the sculptures. The digital piece has been developed exclusively within SamJ’S Amsterdam studio, while the physical piece has been hand created by them across the ocean in New York. Once more providing even more emphasis on the division of the twin sculptures. The physical representing the flaws of real people that act as a catalyst of growth and development, and the digital representing the highly curated perfection that can be performed while anonymous.

Is anonymity a freeing ego death, leaving nothing but your actions to speak for who you are, or is it rather a complete erasure of expression and true intention? Anonymous identities can prove to be one dimensional flattening of one’s identity, unintentionally boxing an entire human existence into a single image or username. Yet, many claim it is the last chance and an equal playing field and remove the global inequalities left after eons of exploitation.

The journey to discover what is left of an individual’s existence when society’s endless pressures are removed is vast and confusing. Removing the comfort of existing within the boundaries of normalcy is extremely jarring. How does anyone ever truly represent their own unadulterated self in this way? If everyone is reinvented beyond expectations, would we all be free?

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