Digital painting. Chimera is metamorphosis of architectural space and landscape into a unique hybrid creature. Greek mythology says that Chimera was a hybrid creature, composed of more than one animal, likewise our art.
 CHIMERA WHALE represents metamorphosis of life transcended through the symbolism of whale. Deeply symbolic, this magnetic creature has a meaning as great and deep as its habitat. Lines connect to lines become meshes; meshes to meshes deliver textures; textures to textures give birth to complex surfaces - to a breathtaking landscape - to a carefully sculpted architectural space. 
A unique process that involves hand sculpting in different mediums from physical sculpts to a digital hand sculpting in a 3D space. The artwork comes from the project Interface, that took more than 7500 hours to develop the project and methodology and more than 350 hrs to finish one digitally hand sculpted metamorphic form. Art by MABLAB. #GUARDIAN91 Geo Location:  


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