##003 Love — MOTHER/ship

By RIKKA | Caroline Ricca Lee

"#003 Love" is the third chapter in "{{{MOTHER/ship}}}: time capsule for future generations" series, a video installation and crypto article that seeks to intertwine family memories, speculative design, and situated knowledge.

"Love" presents a cluttered museum of palpable narratives that no longer exists — when all remembrance can be kept, but not necessarily lived. A fractal ending that represents a fabric of life in constant repair.

Nevertheless, this patchwork of broken memories weaved together by seams of dreams reveals how affection can be a form of collective archiving when we simultaneously record the existence of others in ourselves, especially of the ones we love.

Dimension: 1555 x 874 px Duration: 2m50s @24 fps Format: .mp4 with sound

Artwork by RIKKA in collaboration with fo7ons. Music by charlie noir