I Don’t Know Why I Do It

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“I never wanted color to be color. I never wanted texture to be texture, or images to become shapes. I wanted them all to fuse into a living spirit.” (Clyfford Still)

Abstract Expressionism is one of the defining art movements of the twentieth century. In the postwar era, painters and sculptors worked to establish a new aesthetic and visual language enabling them to express human emotions in a new and pure form. Working with a new-found physicality and sense of scale, artists like Lee Krasner, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, and Robert Motherwell introduced viewers to an innovative form of artistic expression.

But what happens when the physical becomes digital. When our eyes move away from the canvas and instead focus on the screen. To admire intimate details or take in the full grandeur of a work on canvas we used to move closer or take steps back. With the invention of pinch & zoom, we can now explore and acquaint ourselves with a work like never before.

What does this mean for abstraction in the Web3 era? Why do artists continue to push forward with this ever evolving language? Our relationships as creators and audience has evolved. Technology has provided a myriad of opportunities to converse and commune with art. In the hands of emerging artists, new methods of working have developed, but the desire to express and share remain the same.

Valeria Terán

Navigating the unconscious
Navigating the unconscious by Valeria Terán

“I let intuition and consecutive expression be the guide and filter those echoes of information.”

Venezuelan-born artist Valeria Terán creates works that establish a visual journey of interest that guides the viewer's gaze and attention along paths that develop their own sensitive dimension, their own internal universe, and their own enigmas.

tony wallstrom

untitled landscape #1
untitled landscape #1 by tony wallstrom

“Through my art I seek to push the boundaries of my craft and discover new ways of expressing myself.”

A self-taught artist from Sweden, Tony Wallstrom is fascinated by the intersection of traditional painting techniques and modern technologies. The works document his personal journey and capture beautiful moments of the everyday.

Reine Polaris

Magdeburg hemispheres
Magdeburg hemispheres by Reine Polaris

“There is an undeniable connection between science and abstract art. Both often involve a degree of uncertainty and unpredictability.”

An artist who explores the unknown, Reine Polaris creates abstract works that often lead to unexpected and unpredictable outcomes. Part of the artist’s creative process is the use of visual elements, such as abstract forms, to create engaging and accessible works of art.

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Space Case

090622 by Space Case

“Through pushing past my comfort zone in each work, I slowly but surely found myself…”

An artist who believes in continuous experimentation, ADHD creates abstract works that are influenced by cut and paste zine culture, graffiti, abstract expressionism, glitch, décollage, and psychedelics.

Dust B.

Flores by Dust B.

Based in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Daniel Olej is an artist who creates works that blend abstraction with imagination. Often working in singular layers, and no undo, Daniel aims to explore the artist's journey and the painting process through digital media.


lb02x-23 by Logbook

Brazil-based artist Logbook creates works of art that blur the lines between the physical and digital. Working with a restricted color palette, the artist often uses shapes, forms, and collage to engage with the viewer.

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