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“To be something abnormal meant that you were to serve the normal. And if you refused, they hated you... and often the normal hated you even when you did serve them.” Okorafor, Who Fears Death.

I am paying tribute to women and queer influencers, pioneers of sci-fi literature such as Octavia Butler and Ursula K. Leguin, and more recently Nnedi Okorafor and N. K. Jemisin. This Curator’s Choice is inspired by people who think outside the normative boxes of our world and explore the potential for societal changes through science fiction(s). Indeed, sci-fis is a genre that not only allows us to think of alternative worlds, other bodies, and different embodiments, it also is a means to address and criticize current political frameworks and socio-political contexts.

There’s a playfulness here in terms of perceiving Science Fiction as something uncanny, something we might find familiar and unknown at the same time.

Gabriel Massan

No Adventure Land

Shapes sculpted and painted in Zbrush and scene composed in Blender. 1920x1080px

Gabriel Massan is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary digital artist. Massan investigates the ignorance regarding the image of the ‘Third World’.

Eva Papamargariti

Dance I

Dance I is an excerpt from the artist’s digital video, The Hollow Sound of Longing, which features a furry creature, between a human and an animal, evolving in different surreal environments, dancing, drinking, crawling, and resting to a sometimes rhythmic, sometimes eerie soundtrack in a self-reflective trance.Eva Papamargariti is an artist, designer, and art director, who grew up in Greece. She has exhibited in established institutions internationally and collaborated with major entertainment and fashion brands.

Sabrina Ratté


Sabrina Ratté practice includes video, animation, installations, sculptures, audio-visual performances and prints. She investigates the influence of digital and physical spaces and the interplay between these surroundings and subjectivity. With Horizon, she explores the themes that run through her work in ever-changing forms: the influence of architecture and the digital environment on our perception of the world, the relationship we have with the virtual aspect of existence, the fusion between technology and the organic world.

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Hold Me

A series of NFTs from the Viral Energy Game.

These NFTs are set in a speculative future inside the Metaverse. It explores our addiction and animistic nature towards our screens and how these self-centered technologies evoke connection yet produce even more loneliness.

Keiken, co-founded by Isabel Ramos, Hana Omori and Tanya Cruz, is an art collective; the word Keiken means experience in Japanese. For most of their recent projects, they have collaborated with Ryan Vaultier, a designer and CGI artist.

Holly Herndon

∞III by Holly Herndon

Large scale pieces generated with DALL-E 1 in January 2022, Holly Herdnin experiments with patchwork techniques to explore the potential of AI shepherded images of infinite scale and duration.

Their process and thought behind it is described in this essay: "Infinite Images and the Latent Camera"

Holly Herndon is a composer, musician, and sound artist based in Berlin. Her music is primarily computer-based and often uses the visual programming language Max/MSP to create custom instruments and vocal processes. Since her arrival to Berlin in 2012, Herndon has successfully mined the edges of electronic and Avant Garde pop and emerged with a dynamic and disruptive canon of her own, all while studying for her PhD at Stanford University, researching machine learning and music.

Wes Viz

'Awakening' by Wes Viz feat. The Anix

‘Awakening’ is the beginning of my series exploring identity in our emerging virtual universe. Wes Viz is an interdisciplinary artist and creative director based in London, UK.

Her 15-year career has spanned commercials, music videos, and stage visuals. Her projects have been featured in Creative Review, Kaltblut Magazine, Hunger and Paper Mag. Wes has given a talk ‘Art of the Visual’ about her work.

The Anix is the electronic-rock project of Los Angeles composer / producer Brandon Smith. Combining his love of cinematic sci-fi, anime and comic books with synthesizers, electronic programming, alternative rock, powerful vocal hooks and anthemic choruses, The Anix creates a visionary future of art and music.

Takeshi Murata

Larry Cove

This NFT has been selected here to refer to the notions of materiality, liquidity, regenerating, and satisfaction in a pop image.

Takeshi Murata (b. 1974) works in various mediums and techniques including video, animation, data-moshing, and CGI, meditating on the process of image-making and the digital afterlife.

Entangled Others

{Specimen no. 5, Coelopidium leucopterus}

Entangled Others describe themselves with the definition of the term “entanglement”- a complex state, where no single entity can be said to be separate, or somehow unaffected, by any other present entangled, we cannot consider ourselves without others, act without interacting, speak without being heard. It is a multitude of you, and others, equally present and alive, together.

Entanglement w/ the more-than-human, where diversity & inter-connectedness are nurtured & engaged. By artists Feileacan McCormick & Sofia Crespo.

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