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“DIGI.PAIN” collection

By PΞnnY

Imagine being trapped in the nightmare of sleep paralysis, where distorted and unsettling figures materialize before your eyes, leaving you in a state of fear and anxiety. This is the reality that inspired me, I have decided to turn these my experiences into works of art. I paints distorted humanoid figures, representing my fears and hallucinations. Through my art, I shows that even in the darkest moments, there is always a spark of beauty.

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Hasty conclusions

By ....

Title: Hasty conclusions Technique: Digital painting inspired by my oil paintings. Dimension: 6600  ×  8192 px

By Penelope G. (aka Penny)

Born in 1990, painter and artisan of wood and clay. In Penelope's portraits those "absent eyes that speak" stand out. Speak of a state of mind, a fragment of memory or a moment with a Fauvist flavour. Inspired by the hypnagogic nocturnal paralysis she suffers from, she portrays the humanoid hallucinations caused by this sleep disorder.