Optical Surrealism by jams2blues.art
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“Optical Surrealism” collection

By jams2blues.art

Hand-drawn Surrealistic automatism from the mind of a synesthete. I am one in 2000 people born with synesthesia, as I have learned over many years how to harness this ability like a super power in my music and artworks. This collection contains some of what I consider my best musical and poetic expressions of the subconscious. I play with optics, and surreal dream-like elements with focus on composition, Illusion, Satire, Mood, Aesthetics, Social Cause, Automatism, Surrealism, and Improv.

Trippy Butterfly

By ....

50% of proceeds and royalties go to adolescent self injury foundation charity. the warm light eminating from a Tesselating sphere on a contoured plane, the analogous butterfly cools the scene rapidly with its black wings coated in blues purples and reds. Balance is something we all need, we seek balance in parenting, working, living etc. It's hard, but never quit, find balance and don't forget to breathe. Image is 5kx5k

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