BED OF ROSES by Uroš Fink
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“BED OF ROSES” collection

By Uroš Fink

Astro-Landscape photographer from Slovenia.

Bed of Roses

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Geminids Meteor shower at Zelenci Springs in Slovenia.

Zelenci Springs is the source of the Sava Dolinka river, in the municipality of Kranjska Gora. Here the water rises daily from up to 2 meters deep green lake. Due to this distinct green color, the spring also got its name (Zelenci is a deadjectival plural noun from Slovene zelen 'green'.)

In 1992, Zelenci was declared a nature reserve. Their importance is in the testimony of events in the geological past. They also represent the habitat of interesting animals and the habitat of rare and endangered plants.

The porous lake chalk at the bottom constantly leaks groundwater in the form of "volcanoes", which is a unique example in Slovenia. The lake water has a constant temperature of around 5-6 ° C.