The Defiant Edge  by FeatherFoot
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“The Defiant Edge ” collection

By FeatherFoot

The Defiant Edge NFT collection is created from a vast world of youthful rebellion inspired artworks while maintaining a respectable portrayal of maturity.

For any collector who wishes to attain one of The Defiant Edge pieces will surly be proud to show there NFT off, due to the colorful, youthful and rebellious attitudes that this collection signifies .

Please Enjoy these collection of artworks, and thank you for reading. Bonsoir

The Young Rebel

By ....

The Young Rebel is the FIRST Minted NFT in the Defiant Edge NFT collection.

The Young Rebel represents the freedom that many young people today are actively seeking in hopes to find a sense of enlightenment on their lives.

Freedom is the fist step to finding happiness and this rebellious youthful rebellious figure is close to finding the freedom she desires.

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0.2 ETH (0.2 ETH)