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By Prolific DAO

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@maonomagazine — The Seacher

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The content of the photo is largely determined by the sequence of events. You should always be ready to take a cast of reality.

The Searcher is a work by Ignat Shumilin. The photo was taken on the Gulf of Finland in the summer of 2019 — the last year of serenity.

"I didn't notice how I ended up out of the city. The small coast was filled with vacationers' cars. The sonorous children's voices stood out against the background of the dull noise of the surf. A light wind swayed the trees surrounding this wild and crowded beach.

You need to walk at least 50 meters in the gulf to wet your knees. I was walking in shallow water with a camera and taking pictures of people around, among whom I saw this boy. At first, he just peered into the water, and then bent down, putting his hands in the water, and began to catch small fish. Together with the drawing light of the sunset, the whole picture seemed to be unreal".

Camera — Fujifilm XT-2 Lens — Mir-1В 35мм.

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