Digital Diversity of ToT by i61
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By i61

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At one of my birthdays, guys from the team gave me a huge canvas as a gift. I took a marker and then some invisible force from the other side of canvas began to move my hand, drawing fancy characters from scratch with it, without any sketches. I couldn't describe what it was: creatures, who looked like my childhood sketches, drawn with smoothness acquired from years of painting, with lines, which created primitive forms; all these details united formed the whole universe. I've been drawing for a few days, forgetting myself, and then spent a whole month coloring. During this process, I somewhat on a whim explained to myself the evolution of creatures, and understood how they talk and call themselves. That was ToT race, who gave birth to themselves inside my head at that moment, but have existed for thousands of eras up to it. This piece depicts the arrival of ToTs to a medieval castle, and their mass distribution in its space. First work from Digital Diversity of ToT series.