Warrior Queens by Discoverer of Queens
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“Warrior Queens” collection

By Discoverer of Queens

Discover inspiring stories of Warrior Queens. This collection was created to commemorate the strongest female warriors in history. This collection consists of the world's greatest warrior queens. The visuals of these figures are inspired by the stories of the most feared female warriors in history. May the inspiring stories of warrior queens give you strength when you fall into despair.

Queen Dihya

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Queen Dihya was a Berber queen, also known as Dahlia. She was a female warrior who faced her enemies as empires collapsed. She was a brave leader who led the indigenous resistance against the conquest of the enemies.

Dahlia was born the daughter of Tabat, a chieftain of the Jrawa tribe living in the mountainous region of Aures. Legends mention that Dahlia was tall, with beautiful eyes and long hair.

Because the surrounding communities believed she could see the future, they named her Al-Kahina, meaning witch. She is said to be an oracle who can communicate with birds and sense an impending war. She was a warrior who set an example for the best female warriors. Foresight, great intelligence and wisdom were just some of the traits that made her a charismatic female leader.

She bravely resisted bullying as a young woman. She united all the great tribes under one purpose. She quickly transformed her tribes into a disciplined army. She achieved a complete victory over the invading forces and was able to defeat them. Dahlia became the undisputed hero and leader of the entire African population, including the various surrounding communities. All groups united under her banner.

Queen Dahlia is remembered today as an example of the high role of women in society. Her story is remembered by various cultures as a powerful symbol of the fight against bullying.

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