The Solitary Bloom 1/1 by FloLady Ochie
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“The Solitary Bloom 1/1” collection

By FloLady Ochie

My 1/1 collection

Facing Myself

By ....

"The face you see in the mirror is me reflecting myself"

Physical art is included. The collector will be sent the real A4 artwork!

This piece is a very special one as this is my watercolor work debut! It's a mixed media on paper: pencil, mainly watercolor, and a bit of acrylic. The artwork is scanned and enhanced in Photoshop.

I have the time-lapse video of WIP on my Twitter :)

This piece talks about self-reflection, especially over the worse version that we have become, without realizing it. It's an expression of the anger, guilt, and disappointment towards myself. Only by realizing, understanding and accepting our mistakes and pain that we can deal with the problem and how to resolve it.

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