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Bootech 🍑👩‍🚀

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Anyone who see my apps/scripts/games/designs/projects/etc can't imagine my sensual side.

Anyone who see my sensual side cannot imagine my intelectual side.

At me you can see yourself, so get inspired and go on! Let's democratize techdev, demistify how people see (and sadly demonizes) the witches and how the image of a woman is obligued to follow a binary between sex/sensuality/servant or intelectually/productively relevant while not permitted to be both sexy and intelectual. If we stand agains't the misogyny, we're all witches and that is a good thing! A Tiktok twerker may be building something + meaningful than they would.

I can't forget when a programmer at Twitter (yes, like those who laugh thinking our Bash scripts are inferior to their C reworks regular Humans can't read/contribute to anymore) at 2020 and at the same month of the BLM manifestations, posted two images: one of black women twerking and other of white astronauts 🤢 I want to prove the world guys like him are wrong