artwork preview

“MY REVELATION ” collection

By Dana

Photography has an important place in my life, and my love for the camera is boundless since childhood, no matter which side of the camera I'm on. Modeling has been my job since I was 16. And photography is my life. That's why this collection is closer to my heart and soul than ever.

This collection will tell about the real me and the different me. About the girl who hides behind a pencil and an ipad. It's designed to tell you about me without words. Just feel.

Creation “DISGUISED”

By ....

Before you is a girl aesthete and perfectionist who gets a real pleasure from atmospheric pictures, art, and from creating beautiful things.
Her life has been connected to photography practically since her childhood, and now she is discovering her new creative skills in digital illustration.

The photo captures the creation of an art “DISGUISED”.