Cosmic Flowers by vladsimages
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“Cosmic Flowers” collection

By vladsimages

Within my collage collection, I explore the profound theme of humanity's place in the grand tapestry of existence, likening individuals to flowers in a cosmic garden.

Each person, in my perception, embodies the pinnacle of nature's creation, extending beyond earthly realms and encompassing the vastness of the universe itself.

In my artistic creations, you will find a harmonious fusion of people, flowers, and the vastness of space. Flowers hold an inherent beauty that resonates with nearly everyone. They serve as a profound symbol of nature itself, upholding the balance and harmony within their existence.

Similarly, human beings embody natural beauty, both in their physical form and metaphysical essence. We encompass not only a physical body but also a soul and a mi

The very essence of the universe resonates with the notion of a unified organism, where in the future, inevitably, we shall converge as one with our planet, the stars, galaxies, and most significantly, with each other.

Portal to Singularity

By ....

The woman in the collage gazes out from behind her glasses, which serve as portals to the vast universe beyond. Her hair is made of delicate flowers, reminding us of the beauty and fragility of human nature.

The red background symbolizes the passion and intensity of life, while the ring of Saturn seen through the glasses speaks to our connection with the wider universe.

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