Black & White Adventure by rodicqart
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artwork preview

“Black & White Adventure” collection

By rodicqart

My drawings in pencil, charcoal, ink sometimes accompanied by digital work

Sacrifice of an Angel

By ....

A light breeze through the trees, Makes her sing sweet melodies. But if you approach her grave very near, Her whisper in the air, you'll hear.

Your body is but a prison, Destined to decay and wither. Time plays with you, it seems, Like a puppet's strings, so slender.

I promise to dry your tears, Ending your pains, easing your fears. To care for your soul, I'll devote My eternity, a love ever wrote.

Step into my circle's embrace, Open your veins, find solace. Bid farewell to your sorrows deep, Taste the freedom you now seek.

Look carefully, the devil is in the details! 2023- @rodicqart Mixed Media : 3000x4800pixels Based on physical A3 pencil, charcoal, ink Digital editing, filters, Ai, digital drawing

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