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“ADHD” collection

By SiljeThorn

ADHD is vastly misunderstood right now. Most people believe it to be a "naughty hyperactive little boy" disorder, resulting in so many people who are not naughty, hyperactive or little boys to go through life, at best, thinking that everyone struggles to the same extent that they do, or at worst, believing themselves to be lazy and incapable. NFTs, being novel and fast-moving, is exactly the kind of thing that attracts people with ADHD so I believe it's full of people not realising that they're living life in hard mode. So I've started a series of paintings describing what it feels like to have ADHD, in the hopes that a few more people will realise that they're not alone.

Unfulfilled Potential

By ....

It's universal. We all fear it. The tap running dry before fulfilling our potential. Forever wondering what could have been.

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