Alter Ego's Metamorphosis of the Psyche by Trish Gianakis
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“Alter Ego's Metamorphosis of the Psyche” collection

By Trish Gianakis

"Alter Ego: Metamorphosis of the Psyche" In the realm of artistic contemplation, the opus titled "Alter Ego" series are an embodiment of the profound human odyssey towards self-discovery. This collection draws its inspiration from the elusive Jackalope, a creature of myth where the mundane melds with the extraordinary, an essence parallel to the dualistic nature of the human spirit. Use of bones, gold leaf and augmented reality these works come to life when using augmented reality animations that are targeted from the physical artworks.

Jackalope Gypsy - The Fortune Teller

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The Jackalope is a mythical animal of North American folklore from Wyoming. A fearsome creature, they were displaced from their homes and forced to live in makeshift dwellings and bars like gypsies as refugees within their own nation. Here is is one of many to first incarnation, The Jackalope Gypsy - The Fortune Teller.   A portion of the proceeds from each sale of this Jackalope will be donated to the Catholic Charities Ukraine Relief Fund. The war has displaced over 11.4 million Ukrainians from their homes both inside Ukraine and throughout the world. Make a difference and purchase this Jackalope today!