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“Architectural visions” collection

By Sundog Collective

Exploring the beauty of homes and other conceptual architectural vision

Crystal Sanctuary: A Temple Great Hall with Optical Illusions

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"Crystal Sanctuary: A Temple Great Hall with Optical Illusions" This art piece captures the beauty and serenity of a crystal stone temple great hall with intricate optical illusions. The use of depth of field highlights the intricate and bioluminescent features, creating a sense of depth and movement. The detailed designed flooring add to the otherworldly atmosphere of the piece. The artwork evokes a sense of tranquility and serenity, transporting the viewer to a peaceful and ethereal crystal sanctuary.

Image PNG 2304 × 2304 Dpi300 Upscale avail on request for printing Non commercial usage rights Holders of any Sundog artwork get access to his Film Tales of Time token gate on release This artwork was created in Stable Diffusion Deforum notebook V7, using an init (initial image) made with disco diffusion for the color pallet, an init made with Stable diffusion for the texture, post production was done in Gimp best regards Sundog

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