Expressive realism by Vera Chayka
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“Expressive realism” collection

By Vera Chayka

All the art collected in this collection is made with expression. Sharp movements and uneven lines about things that cannot be talked about calmly.

The scariest makeup is reality

By ....

I created this art before Halloween. Initially, I wanted to reflect fear as if it was a makeup for the holiday. But now we live in a world where Halloween with masquerade costumes is not the most scariest thing. And what is happening in the world came to the forefront during the creation of the art. I really want it will be just a makeup, not reality.

There is too much horror, too much pain, too much misunderstanding, and non-acceptance.

This girl is the symbolic face of all the victims. The face that has experienced pain and loss. The face of a person who is forced to remain silent. The face of something that should not have been.

In her eyes the Earth reflects the scale of what is happening. The Earth is a symbol of the future that is under risk for many on the planet. Her mouth is taped because more and more ordinary people are being deprived of the right to speak, the right to express their thoughts, and to assert themselves, their religion, their nation, their freedom. She is engulfed in the smoke and madness of modernity.

The scariest makeup is reality.

I am not publishing this art in the context of Halloween, because it has nothing to do with it This is what happens outside of schedules and calendars, like the silent scream of the whole world.