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“3ᗫ ᙏαϏԐᕫᑶ” collection

By ines alpha

3ᗫ Ɓєαυту ᑶ⍺𐌠ᥱ𝑡𝑡ᥱ

By ....

3ᗫ Ɓєαυту ᑶ⍺𐌠ᥱ𝑡𝑡ᥱ is the 3D object adaptation of ines’s alpha snapchat face lens called αƖρнα Ɓєαυту Ɓσσтн. Ines’s dream has always been to develop her own digital makeup palette that anyone could use as easily as physical makeup, using their fingers. Thanks to developer Sava, she could finally achieve this dream of her, giving people a new tool to create their own digital beauty looks! There will for sure be more 3D makeup palettes soon ✨

This piece has been developed to be featured for the first time at a physical 3D NFT art exhibition in Sydney called Satellite planned for March - April 2022.

αƖρнα Ɓєαυту Ɓσσтн snapchat lens Sava twitter

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