haconiwa by kaori
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“haconiwa” collection

By kaori


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彼女は待っていた。かつて彼女の傷を治療した男のことを。 彼女は知っていた。その旅人は一度訪れたこの場所に二度と戻ってこないことを。




she was waiting About the man who once treated her wounds. she knew That the traveler will never return to this place once visited.

What he gave her was how to make her corolla and her feelings for the first time. She never taught me how to forget memories. Until one day she sees him with her own eyes, she sleeps with the short but pleasant days she spent with him in her bosom.

She knew he wouldn't come back. Still, at that time, he certainly said he would come to see me.

ーーUnfulfilled promises are her sustenance.