DIVINE by Tapan Sheth
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“DIVINE” collection

By Tapan Sheth

Durga-The Protector of the Universe

Durga - The Protector of the Universe

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The perfect balance of light and shadows from which emerged this face-the big forehead, arched eyebrows, wide eyes, pursed lips, protruding chin, curly wind-blown hair, and the red round bindi. Placed in the sixth chakra; the bindi revealed great wisdom and strength and accentuated her beauty. Mesmerised, I asked myself-Am I dreaming? Was this actually maa Durga shielding me from something I could not see?

This picture is a tribute to all the women in the world-the ones who have tapped into themselves and found inner strength and those still seeking peace. You are the epitome of beauty, strength, wisdom, and knowledge. Believe in yourself!

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