A Page from My Imagination by ArtGentle
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“A Page from My Imagination” collection

By ArtGentle

Conjoined Gods and Fiery Rainbow God

By ....

When the Conjoined Gods created the Eye of the Thunder, a vast ocean was born. Within it, creatures of all shapes and sizes thrived. One day, a great red storm brewed within the eye and form its own being. The Conjoined Gods worked together to try and calm the storm, but it only grew in intensity. Finally, they decided to take action.

The Fiery Rainbow God helped and reached down into the eye and pulled up a creature that had been swimming there for years. It was a giant fish-like living spaceship with scales as bright as jewels. The Conjoined Gods used their powers to create a planet with a protective atmosphere around it, then placed the fish there to live.

The Eye of the Thunder is still alive today, and the giant living spaceship still swims its depths.

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