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Merlina Rañi

Guest curator

Merlina Rañi (Brazil, 1987) is an independent curator currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Her work focuses on the intersection between art, science, and philosophy to open art problems to other humanities, with the intention of generating interaction and socializing knowledge. Her latest productions revolve around the implications of technology in the political and affective societal life.

Since 2008 she has directed different projects focused on experimental work and artistic research (A2dC, Blanco Galería, Alpha Centauri). As an independent curator, she held exhibitions at several galleries in Buenos Aires, Fundación PROA, and Pabellón de Bellas Artes de UCA; at Newton Gallery (NYC) and at Mario Kreuzberg Gallery (Berlin). In 2014 was selected by Fundación PROA 's Young Curators program. She has worked as a co-curator of the electronic art festival +CODE (2016-2018) and currently works as an associate curator at Espacio Pla (from 2015 to present) as well as the curator of CryptoArg Space at SuperRare. She has published texts in Artishock (Chile), SuperRare (USA), MOCA Medium (USA) and in the books Artificially Intelligent (V&A, UK) and 10 años de Espacio Contemporáneo (PROA, Argentina).