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Rebecca Edwards

Guest curator

Rebecca Edwards is a curator, producer and writer based in London. She has been the curator at arebyte Gallery since 2017 where she curates the onsite exhibition programme at the space in East London, as well as the online programme at

Her interests lie in cultivating new curatorial methods across physical and digital space, interweaving fluid approaches to production, dissemination and representation of voices from artists working at the intersection of technology, online culture and new media. Other than exhibitions at arebyte, she is working as a producer for artist Libby Heaney (Mozilla Creadtive Media Award) and for Krystle Patel (UCL Institute of Neurology), she has curated exhibitions at Ars Electronica, Off Site Project, The Royal College of Psychiatrists, The Zabludowicz Collection and Lewisham Art House.

She has written texts for The Julia Stoschek Collection (exhibition), The Zabludowicz Collection (exhibition), LAS Berlin (exhibition), Curating Digital Art (book), Institute of Network Cultures (PRTSRN: The Lazy Art of Screenshot zine), +DEDE (exhibition), The Space Magazine (article), NEON Greece (exhibition), and all arebyte exhibition booklets.