ADHISTA / Sunrising 002

By The Sei

Welcome to ADHISTA / The Sun is God only at the moment of its rising. I dance with the sun. These moments really happened. This is only the beginning.

There is an ancient African belief and ritual, inspired by the Sun worship that travelled down the River Nile. It is the belief that the sun is God only at the moment of its rising. What lights up the world anyway? Isn't it Us?

Film, music and sound are my foundation, dance and choreography a turning point in my practice. All of these are handheld with no digital effects. Just me, my camera, a unique process I developed and the natural world around me. I believe nothing is more trustworthy than nature.

I developed this ongoing series at a dance/film residency in Sweden 2020 and it continues wherever I am. Shooting these lights me up. This is an adoration, my ADHISTA findings.

The Sei

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