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This selection explores the fascination that many of us have for concepts such as infinity and space. Questioning what this uncharted, boundless field represents in terms of scientific discovery but also in the common imagination: is there life in another universe, another galaxy? Could there be another Earth (to save us from our dystopian Anthropocene)? Would this be an option?

Even though more than 80% of the ocean is unmapped, the human species cannot help but invest in space exploration, trying to find the unknown or the most urgent option instead of saving what we already have. This is an illogical paradox that characterizes political and mainly economic endeavors of our 21st century: imperialistic minds in power investing in useless space races, developing dysfunctional exploding rockets instead of researching natural resources that we could still (maybe) save. On the positive side, space exploration has led to the invention of GPS, solar cells, and ultraviolet filters.

Cinema has fed my fascination for this unlimited and intangible place, from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Solaris, Space is The Place to Moon, the Extant series, and many more! A common element is that the disrupting factor in the supposedly smooth running of a mission comes from the extraordinary, from outer space; it triggers dramatic outcomes. Maybe we could pinpoint it as the encounter between human and space that generates powerful consequences from outer to inner spaces, mainly due to human thirst for power.

Gizem Dogan

Xibalba Death

Xibalba is the name of the underworld, the place of fright in Maya mythology. This is part of a series of three, Life, Death, and Rebirth, and from this trilogy we choose death as it is also a symbol of life. The depiction of space and space vaporous particles around the start allow the scenario to open up: the sound is anxiogenic but also mysterious and conveys a cinematic atmosphere.

Gizem Dogan Pasqualino is based in Turkey and explores the intersection of technology, science, and art.


Ai Origin Moon
Ai Origin Moon by GISELX

In her Moon Language series, Giselx presents a slow shutter speed image of the moon resonating with the idea of drawing through photography. The shapes resemble a map or a path, a journey. The artist mentions painting and dancing with the moon which leads to a performative work.

There is a collection. We might imagine a ritualistic set of performances to the moon. The title of the series, Moon Language, also refers to another way of communicating through movements and lunar light. This work is delicate and open-ended to a more esoteric reading.

Leading artistic initiatives Giselx is exploring new paths toward autonomy for creatives and photography in Web3. Based in New York, she is the co-founder @helloWOCA (Women of Crypto Art), art advisor to @Theverseverse, Genesis floor room @MuseumofCryptoArt

The Sei

ADHISTA / Sunrising 002

The rays of light reflecting on the water remind us of a contemplative and meditative state where we are nothing and nowhere at once, simply a fragment of this earth and a speck in this universe for a glimpse of time.

It speaks to the essence of existence: ephemeral, fleeting, and fragile.

The Sei is a multidisciplinary artist working through film, music/sound and dance between Ireland and Sweden.

This work is part of an ongoing series started for a dance/film residency in Sweden in 2020 and continuing wherever the artist happens to be.

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creatheory art

Essence of the Dying Star

In a few seconds, The Essence of a Dying Star sets a place: an out of space lab where one can experience a dying star. Maybe our species now lives in a black hole or in another galaxy.

This NFT is part of a trilogy that includes Stone of Life and Some Glass from supernova. With a few words these titles evoke so much of a lost world, a post-apocalyptic era, almost like some time capsule to immerse ourselves in as a last resort to deal with the nostalgia of a lost civilization.

Dean Kalcoff

Sky Vessel
Sky Vessel by Dean Kalcoff

This creation is an otherworldly vase, an offering, a receptacle for aliens, its texture and colors reminding me of video games and worldbuilding elements. Only with this object, (if it is not alive!) one can imagine a whole world around it, based on a spaceship or a parallel universe.

Dean Kalcoff is a tattoo artist based in Australia and has a passion for illustration, creating scenes and creatures. He draws his inspiration from sci-fi and fantasy movies, art, and nature.

ilkin Abbaszadeh


The final work aims to recenter our interest in Earth and its power of regeneration. This animation gives us a bit of hope in the playful aspect of a star, a sun, a planet being capable of transformation and life.

Ilkin Abbaszadeh is a CGI artist and motion designer based in Baku, Azerbaijan. He has over 5 years of experience in the industry and specializes in creating stunning visuals for cars, products, and space-related projects.

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