Pairi-daêza ~ A world of Paradise(s)

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The idea of paradise comes from the old persian Pairi-daêza, which means ‘walled enclosure’, a place to live in harmony. Humans have always aimed to tame and organise the living to make sense of the complexity of the world and dominate their own fear of otherness.

Terrestrial paradises have become spaces to manufacture the world to our own image and what started in an enclosed space, has spilled beyond the borders of the Hortus Conclusus, walled garden, and has been applied to the planet. This collection of works depicting exalted, romantic and cosmic imagery of nature offer in their respective ways a critique, an observation or a proposition to re-imagine our position in the world.

They also introduce ideas of what is visible or invisible to the human eye, what networks can we establish to evolve in a more collaborative existence and enter a state of co-creation with the more than human and remind us of the danger of enhancing nature to an augmented reality state outside of the metaverse.


Lord of The Seas

The figure of a floating jellyfish is hovering above the sea turning onto itself and seems unmoved by the waves dying on the shore. Its texture is vibrant, shiny and opaque. Its plasticity is hypnotic though uncanny and aided by the dramatic effect of the accompanying music, we are slowly drowned to the realisation that this alien doesn't belong here. Its bloated body reminds us of floating plastic bags, and its dangling tentacles are ready to strangle. Exalting death won’t be sufficient to preserve the beauty of the world.


Youth elixir
Youth elixir by 0x88....0824

In this work, the symbols of still life painting are used in a fashionable manner. A pear for abundance, an orange for prosperity, mint leaves as aphrodisiac and a snake to represent fertility and immortality. This colourful elixir seems to hold all the promise of life and more. But this ancestral human centric obsession has led us to commit monstrous crimes and with them, the promise of youth remains out of reach, kept away in the fragility of the glass bottle.


Shepherd of the Painted Gardens
Shepherd of the Painted Gardens by alexkonstad

The figure of the shepherd is one that leads, takes care, and gathers. Filled with nature and the cosmos, they stand in symbiosis, they are symbiosis, the Arcadie in which all elements gather and thrive, where the balance is respected and life flourishes. This more than human figure, like trees, become the lung and the guardian of fragile ecosystems.

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Mareli Lal

Food for Thought IV
Food for Thought IV by Mareli Lal

Growing from the top of a head of hair, a lettuce emerges as the tip of the iceberg. Its roots are grounded to the brain below forming a network of mycelium and brain cells. The decisions we make, our moods, our relationship to other humans and more than humans and our environment are all fuelled by the food we consume. This playful composition is a reminder of this and an invitation to think about how food can become thoughts and thoughts become food.

Sébastien Pitt

Plasmocyte rosé

‘Plasmocyte Rosé is globular translucid anamorphic element. Rendered from a synthetic void, its arbitrary nature is revealed as digital phosphene. Its growth or decay is sustained through stacks of control voltage pulsation emitted by modular synthesizers.’ S.Pitt.

This nebula is an embryo waiting to be born. What life awaits us? in the metaverse. What form of ecosystem can we hope to find? Is this the beginning or is this the end of something much bigger?


Many Worlds Interpretation

The artist describes this as ‘a multiverse composed of an undefinable number of increasingly divergent, non-communicating parallel universes or quantum worlds.’ The promises have gone. Seemingly in the metaverse, worlds don’t connect, ecosystems can’t converse. We are trapped in an infernal loop, a psychedelic void with no escape. How can we find doors in between worlds, connectors that ground us back to reality?


Triptych - 1. Januar

The symmetry of the room and its decorative elements, the central figure of the fountain and the hyper augmented texture of the water jet signify we have arrived in a digital Hortus Conclusus. A meta paradise in which we organise and make sense of the world as an object of contemplation. Its beauty is hypnotic, soothing, calming and we want to sit with it and enter its physicality. Yet we are presented with a facade, an interface that loops back onto itself. The calmness fades quickly leaving us only with the replay to sustain this digital trompe l’oeil.

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