Triptych - 1. Januar

By CristinaSpinei

Triptych is an audiovisual collaboration between composer Cristina Spinei and artist Materium. Comprising three sections - Januar, Accessa, and Pariter - Triptych explores duality, memory, and momentum in contemplative spaces. The viewer is invited to observe the gently changing scenery in three different worlds where time is suspended. The music of Triptych is a combination of acoustic and electronic instruments. It is sustained by a meditative pulse that sets the foundation for plaintive melodies. The scenery of Triptych creates room for contemplation. Dancing above reflective pools, shimmering fabric represents the thoughts and memories that were left behind in each space. Markus Kanzler, the face behind Marterium, is a 3D artist from Germany who is deeply passionate about creating aesthetic and unique 3D compositions. His artworks are known for their emphasis on high quality textures and fascinating shapes. Always pleasing and most satisfying to look at.

  1. Januar - We enter a scene with magical sculptures suspended and dancing hypnotically in time with the music. The felted piano provides a quiet, driving pulse while electronics shadow the melody, giving it a hazy echo. Everything is reflected - fragments of images are captured in water and golden orbs. The music bounces between marble archways creating a stereophonic effect.

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