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This selection presents some of the different ways that Web3 technology is currently used by artists—technologically, conceptually, aesthetically, socially, and politically. It gives a more comprehensive view of the influence of the blockchain and related tech on artists, one which goes beyond the simple prioritization of aesthetics, which has arguably become the ascendent feature of this nascent art ecosystem, often at the expense of other more innovative qualities.

Although sometimes feeling like a constrained focus on a single technology, this selection shows that utilizing the blockchain can engender multifarious new outcomes for artists and their audiences. The artists selected here are some of the most adept at making use of these technologies and their surrounding cultures, while together they signal some crucial ways that the tech will continue to be used by artists.

Rimbawan Gerilya

Faith Based Control

One of the first NFTs I collected was by Gerilya. It helped that Indonesian gabber collective Gabber Modus Operandi were depicted, but I was also drawn to the use of non-Western iconography and subject matter combined with Gerilya’s own hyper-contemporary visual style. It feels as if NFTs continue to open up fresh possibilities for artists to propagate new artwork.

Ian Cheng


Cheng’s work often represents expansive explorations at the forefront of tech-infused art. It also demonstrates the messy reality of contemporary art within this increasingly prevalent realm, in this instance bringing together deterministic philosophy, gaming, simulation, and stimulation.

Darren Bader

ζωή (core exercise)
ζωή (core exercise) by Darren Bader

Darren Bader has transported contemporary art at the far end of the conceptual spectrum to NFTs. Bader’s use of NFTs is not just quirky aesthetic and subject but also the use of blockchain-native technologies to set up new webs of experimental social play.

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Kim Asendorf

8_18_59_22 by Kim Asendorf

Asendorf’s work combines open-source technical innovation with the pursuit of digital beauty. It typifies and advances a style of generative and pixel-based art that has become dominant in the NFT space. But his ability to arrive at alluring and compelling images via conceptual experiments with technology is unique.

Holly Herndon

Infinite Images
Infinite Images image

Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst represent a cross disciplinary way of building and proliferating expertise across fields including art, music, AI and crypto. Here they made some relatively early experiments in creating artwork with the AI system DALL-E 1, resulting in the gloopy text-to-image diffusion model style aesthetic and eerie, otherworldly feel.

Takeshi Murata

Larry Cove

I want to se more artists from the so-called “traditional art world” coming into the NFT space and making work. I want their work to be seen by the group of digital/NFT-only collectors that have grown over the last few years. I want their artwork to improve and influence NFT-related artwork and vice versa. I want them to experiment with the tech, culture, and new dynamics. By no means do I think that artists outside of this “space” should not be allowed to enter. It’s staid gatekeeping. Murata, like so many others, are digital-first artists who should be here experiencing and advancing.


RETURN IT by ladydangfua

"As above, so below" as a saying goes. Like Murata, Braithwaite-Shirley is a digital-focused artist with worthwhile and hopefully continued input into this burgeoning art space.

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